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Do you want to make a podcast but need help figuring out where to start?

A podcast is an audio content available via streaming. Unlike radio, this content can be listened to whenever and wherever the listener wishes. It has one or more hosts and can be about any subject.

The most important thing about making a podcast is what type of value you want to share with your audience, especially if it’s important. After that, it comes to the conceptualization process of choosing the right:

  • Format
  • Branding
  • Topics
  • Other elements

Following that, we proceed with the scheduling of guests, script writing, and recording episodes. Once recorded, post-production begins, where editing, musicalizing, and mixing are performed to end up with a final product published on your favorite streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google podcast, and others).

Bielo has designed a dynamic, easy, and effective process to create a podcast. We combine elements from storytelling and journalism to transform ideas into  informative and entertaining shows. 

Why will producing podcasts benefit my brand?

If you want to get closer to your audience, build engagement, and create valuable content. Podcasting is the right way for your brand.

Even if you aim to improve your company’s networking, increase leads, or connect more with your audience. You can stop fighting for screen time and focus on connecting with people interested in the same topics as your brand, accessible on all streaming platforms and at all times. 

According to Statista, there are more than 621 million podcast listeners worldwide. It is expected that more will continue to be added since countries like Peru and Colombia are just starting to use this format. At the same time, in other places like the United States, it is already reported that more than 60% of the population consumes this format.

Listening to a podcast is like being part of a personal conversation between the host and guests. It becomes a powerful tool to start a narrative and lead the conversation in any industry, inviting colleagues, generating content, and nurturing communities of listeners worldwide.

I'm interested in sponsoring one of Bielo's shows.

Level-up a notch on your brand message.

Podcasting with us is pretty simple. However, we know that many of our shows can be interesting to leverage your brand and attract new customers. 

We save you a lot of the process by using data to get to know the listeners of our original shows very well. That’s why we know we can directly reach the audience you need to promote your brand or product.

 We can insert ads in specific moments of our shows. You can also become an official sponsor and get access to special episodes, Baked-in ads, and much more. 

If you are interested in promoting your brand at any of our shows, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

How does podcast recording work remotely?

We bring the professional studio where you are and help you make your podcast remotely.

We love to make high-quality productions in professional studios in person, but we know that this can become a challenge for the production of your show. That’s why we have a virtual studio (Riverside) that allows you to record with the best possible quality from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. 

In addition, one of our Bielo experts will have an onboarding session with you where they will help you connect the professional microphone and complete your set-up. 90% of our shows are recorded remotely in different locations worldwide. Our mission is to make production as easy as possible for you.

How do I post my podcast on Spotify or Apple podcast?

Podcasts can be listened to from anywhere and at any time. That’s why we have the best hosting service (Megaphone) to distribute your show to all streaming platforms. Thanks to this hosting service, we can publish your content and get data that allows us to optimize your show. Everything that can be measured can be improved. We can help you with everything you need.

What is the Bielo Data Report?

To reach closer to your audience, you need to know them.

Everything that can be measured can be improved. We witness your effort to make your show a special moment between your brand and the audience. That’s why we want to help you decipher the Data of your show and answer the questions you have about your audience. 

We analyze demographics, geolocation, technologies, and many more factors to determine the behaviors of your audience when listening to your podcast, helping your promotion and positioning to be effective.


What about the Show Performance Report?

How do I know if my show is performing well?

We help you measure the reach of your show and your audience. We want to improve every aspect of the production and the concept we created for you. That’s why we developed the performance report. It works for us to know how many people are listening to your show, how far we keep people connected with the content, what the episode’s best moments are, and more.

What's our privacy policy?

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